A complete review of Pictory Ai video editor or video creator 

Pictory Ai review

About Pictory 

The brains behind Pictory are three individuals: Vikram, Vishal, and Abid. Vikram, a savvy entrepreneur, co-founded a successful software company called Winshuttle. Vishal, on the other hand, is a tech wizard and also a co-founder of Winshuttle. Lastly, we have Abid, a master of growth strategies, who brings his knowledge in customer service and product management. Together, this dynamic trio laid the foundation for Pictory. For pictory ai review keep reading our content.

With TikTok gaining immense popularity, people’s attention spans have gotten shorter. Now, everyone prefers watching quick 20-second videos instead of reading lengthy posts or watching long videos. That’s where Pictory steps in. Pictory is a cloud-based platform that also provides the option to customize videos with personalized logos, colors, and fonts, enabling users to establish a unique brand presence.

Pictory is a clever software that uses artificial intelligence to transform long blog posts into captivating short videos. It can also convert longer videos into shorter ones, making it perfect for creating engaging content.

Pictory Review

Pictory Ai video editor

Pictory is a user-friendly video creation software that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform lengthy text and video material into concise videos ideal for sharing on social media. It saves you time and effort by extracting important information from lengthy articles and turning them into videos that are perfect for social media. 

These videos have the potential to increase your website traffic and engagement, giving you a boost in online presence without the hassle. To use Pictory, you’ll need an internet connection as it operates online. The good news is that you can give it a try without any cost before deciding to subscribe. Also read Sellero review, GetGenie review on our site.

Pictory Ai Tool Features


Pictory offers a well-organized and user-friendly interface that caters to both beginners and professionals in the tech world. It’s easy to navigate and use, making video creation a breeze.

Personalization Options

Once Pictory finishes creating your video, you have the flexibility to customize it according to your preferences. You can add your logo, choose a font style, and incorporate your brand’s colors, giving the video a personalized touch.

Convenient Captions

Pictory automatically adds captions to all videos, making them easily understandable even in noisy environments. This feature enhances accessibility and ensures that viewers can grasp the video’s content, boosting engagement.

Device Compatibility

As Pictory operates in the cloud, you can access and utilize it from any laptop or personal computer. It provides the freedom to create videos from anywhere, without being tied to a specific device.

Speedy Process 

Creating captivating videos with Pictory is a quick process. Within minutes, you can generate engaging videos complete with voiceovers, captions, and other desirable elements.

SEO Enhancement 

Videos created with Pictory have an added advantage for search engine optimization (SEO). Captioned videos tend to attract more attention and are favored by major platforms like Google. By using Pictory, you can improve your SEO efforts and gain more visibility.


  • All you have to do is copy and paste the text from your story or blog into Pictory. From there, Pictory takes over and creates a video for you. It selects suitable video segments and adds captions based on your story or articles. 
  • The software also automatically adds music to the video, but if you prefer, you can choose a different track. Additionally, Pictory provides you with various options for voiceovers, allowing you to pick the one that suits your preference.
  • Pictory now offers an improved media library and a more user-friendly process. This means you’ll have access to a wider range of media resources and an easier, more intuitive experience when creating your videos.
  • Join us by signing up! Using the trial period, you can use it to create videos from scripts.


  • There are certain limitations when it comes to customizing videos.
  • Both the free trial and Standard Plan might need to provide more features, particularly for beginners.
  • The AI-generated voices may not consistently achieve a realistic sound.
  • Additionally, it only supports the English language.

Who should consider using Pictory?

user experience

Pictory is a versatile tool that offers numerous benefits for individuals in their everyday work. Here’s a brief overview of the different groups that can take advantage of Pictory:

Online course creators

Pictory is a time-saving solution for video course creators who need captions and editing assistance. It simplifies the process of transforming written content into engaging explanatory videos, leading to higher engagement rates and increased traffic.

Social media marketers

Pictory’s exceptional video creations are tailored for social media platforms. With their short duration, captions, and visually appealing nature, these videos attract and engage audiences effectively, ensuring successful marketing campaigns across various platforms.

YouTube channel owners

Pictory is a valuable resource for YouTube channel owners who require frequent updates but face time constraints in creating captivating videos. With Pictory, you can effortlessly generate multiple videos in just a few hours, minimizing your effort while maintaining engagement with your audience.

Website owners

Pictory enables website owners to create impactful introductory videos for their website content. For instance, if you run an online content writing business, you can leverage Pictory to produce short video clips showcasing each service you provide. These videos serve as an effective marketing tool to engage and communicate with potential clients.

Online coaches

Pictory is an ideal solution for online coaches as it eliminates the need for video editing expertise. It offers a more affordable alternative to hiring a human video editor while delivering professional-quality results.

In summary, Pictory caters to a wide range of individuals, including online course creators, social media marketers, YouTube channel owners, website owners, and online coaches, providing them with convenient and effective video creation solutions. 

Pricing and Plans for Pictory

Pictory presents a complimentary trial allowing you to experience it before committing to a subscription. Enjoy the flexibility of working on three video editing projects, each up to 10 minutes in duration, without the need for a credit card to get started. In addition, Pictory provides three distinct pricing plans, which are outlined below for your reference.


  • 30 videos
  • 25 automated voices
  • 10 minutes of text converted from video
  • 5000 background music tracks
  • 1 hour of editing pre-existing video footage
  • 10 hours of video content transcription
  • Three customizable templates with branding options


  • 60 videos
  • 42 automated voices
  • 20 minutes of text converted from video
  • 15,000 music tracks
  • 3 hours of editing pre-existing videos
  • 20 hours of video transcription
  • 10 customizable templates with branding options


  • For pricing details of the Enterprise Plan, kindly contact Pictory’s customer service as it is not mentioned on their website.
  • The Enterprise Plan’s features are customizable, and you can discuss your specific requirements with Pictory’s team.
  • This plan includes the expertise of an experienced account manager to assist you in managing your business.
  • To subscribe to any of Pictory’s plans, you will need a major credit or debit card. They also accept Paypal and alternative payment methods that can be arranged through customer service.

GetGenie Review Unlocking the Potential of New AI Assistant 

GetGenie Ai

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of the GetGenie Review! We’re about to explore how incredible this new AI Content Assistant is. Brace yourself for an in-depth look at its capabilities and discover the wonders it holds. Hold onto your seats as we unravel the Magic behind this groundbreaking tool! You’re well aware of the importance of consistently creating content, but it can be challenging to determine where to begin and ensure your content is SEO-friendly.

Content creation is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Writers invest hours, or even days, crafting a single SEO-optimized blog post. Additionally, transferring everything to WordPress can be a significant time drain. The fantastic news is that writing content can become significantly easier and faster with the assistance of an AI writing assistant, conveniently integrated within WordPress!

A Quick Look at GetGenie Review 

It’s all conveniently built-in, allowing you to effortlessly kickstart your journey with an all-in-one package within the WordPress platform. When optimizing content and enhancing SEO strategies, GetGenie.ai stands tall as the ultimate solution. With a plethora of advanced features, GetGenie.ai empowers you to embark on a profound journey of keyword analysis, ensuring that you handpick the most relevant and impactful keywords for your content. 

Dive deep into the world of trend data, keyword search volume, competitiveness, and CPC, as well as explore a treasure trove of related keywords sourced directly from Google, all thanks to the magical capabilities of AI!

GetGenie.ai is responsible for crafting and fine-tuning your content for optimal search engine optimization. It serves the diverse SEO needs and content requirements of every individual. By entrusting GetGenie.ai with your content creation and SEO optimization, you can focus on your path to greatness and achieve remarkable success.

This is the game-changing SEO Solution for WordPress. Seamlessly integrated as a WordPress plugin, GetGenie empowers you to enhance your content for specific keywords with a simple click. With GetGenie, you no longer have to worry about keyword research and SERP analysis.

Let’s explore GetGenie Features. 

Experience the power of GetGenie to write, optimize, and publish your content faster, streamlining—your workflow and eliminating the need for multiple online tools. With GetGenie, you can achieve a seamless and accelerated content creation process within a single platform, eliminating the hassle of juggling various online software.

✅ Your Comprehensive WordPress Content Solution

WordPress Content Solution

Equipped with 30+ Ready-to-Use, Templates Covering Everything from Copywriting, Frameworks to Paragraphs and Product Descriptions. A Perfect Tool Tailored for Every WordPress User. Provide the Topic, and Let GetGenie Handle the Rest, including Optimizing Your Content for Enhanced SEO.

✅ Save Big with GetGenie

Save Big with GetGenie

A game-changing tool that seamlessly combines all essential features, saving you time and money. Experience the Magic as GetGenie makes your life easier, streamlining your workflow, amplifying your SEO efforts, and eliminating the need for multiple tools and complicated processes.

✅ Effortless SEO Optimization Integrated within WordPress

Effortless SEO Optimization

With GetGenie by your side, you gain access to comprehensive keyword research data, enabling you to uncover high-volume keywords with low competition effortlessly, all with a single click. Studies have demonstrated that the content ranking first on Google captures 32% of all clicks. It offers on-page SEO scores, ensuring your content is optimized to perfection. Say goodbye to the need for additional SEO plugins. It simplifies the entire optimization process, making it truly exceptional.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GetGenie


  • Enhances content creation efficiency by leveraging data-driven insights from Google SERPs.
  • Identifies frequently asked questions from prominent platforms such as Quora, “People also ask,” and Reddit.
  • Allows convenient content creation and editing directly within your browser using their web editor.
  • Employs an intuitive ChatGPT-like chatbot to expedite your content writing process.
  • Optimizes content for enhanced SEO visibility and entity SEO features.
  • Provides comprehensive keyword analysis, including search volume, difficulty, and trends.
  • Facilitates competitor analysis for strategic content planning.
  • Empowers impactful copywriting with conversion-focused templates.
  • Generates adaptable, long-form content using customizable templates.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Elementor for enhanced functionality.


  • Inability to access the content score tab during the writing process.
  • The free version limits word count, but cost-effective upgrade plans offer expanded access.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with GetGenie 

Discover the secrets to lightning-fast blog post creation with GetGenie. Master the Art of Efficient Writing in Just a Few Simple Steps.

Step 1: Perform Keyword Research

Begin by Selecting Primary and Secondary Keywords using the Power of GetGenie AI. Next, Create a New Post to Dive into the Magic. 

Perform Keyword Research
  • Once set, click the blue “Write for Me” button at the top and choose the “Blog Wizard” template.
  • Get ready to embark on a journey of Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Title Generation, intro crafting, and outline creation, all effortlessly accomplished with just a few clicks.
  • Provide Relevant Context to Enhance the Accuracy of the Generated Content.
  • Select the Desired Country to Obtain Keyword and Competitor Analysis Data Tailored to Your Target Market.
  • GetGenie AI defaults to Creativity Level 4, Striking the Perfect Balance between Optimization and Creative Freedom.
  • Set the Result Limit to Determine the Number of Outputs Generated by this AI Writing Assistant. 

Effortlessly Generate Captivating Blog Titles

Just follow these simple steps to customize your AI-generated content:

  • Choose the desired language for the AI-generated content.
  • Determine the level of creativity you want from GetGenie. Higher settings yield more imaginative but less accurate results.
  • Select the number of introductory generations you’d like to receive.
effortless content

It’s that easy! Get ready to enjoy personalized and tailored content generated by our AI.

content generated by AI

I produced five titles in my particular scenario.

Create an Introduction

GetGenie Ai

The next crucial phase involves generating an introduction. This step mirrors the previous one and encompasses all the identical parameter choices. Once you have refined your selections, click “Generate Intro” to proceed.

Based on your results setting, you can expect to receive multiple introductions.

Ai content with GetGenie

Craft an Outline

GetGenie Lifetime Deal

You will encounter several outline options, each accompanied by several subsection recommendations. Construct your desired blog outline by selecting the sub-headers in the left panel, which will appear in the correct box. You can even utilize your mouse cursor to rearrange the order effortlessly.

Genie AI desktop

Create Engaging Paragraph Content

getgenie Ai editor

Now, it’s time for the exciting part, where you generate captivating paragraph content for the body. Select the desired section and click the Genie icon at the top.

You will be presented with multiple options, and in this case, I will choose “Expand Outlines.”

Upon selecting “Expand Outlines,” a panel will emerge on the right-hand side. In this panel, you can provide additional context to the AI or choose features like before.

Once you have completed the necessary steps, click “Write” to proceed.

Repeat this process for all sections, and you will be finished once you have done so.

write content with getgenie

Unleash the Power of Copywriting

Copywriting, oh, what a challenge it poses, be it for a human wordsmith or our AI companion! It’s a fascinating sight to witness GetGenie AI’s prowess when crafting captivating copy. Our AI content writing assistant has battle-tested copywriting modules like PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

But wait, there’s more! With our specially crafted templates, you can summon the Magic of taglines, social media copy, and product ad copy. These ingenious modules and templates work harmoniously, helping you create creative and compelling copies for your website with unrivaled efficiency. Prepare to witness the enchantment unfold!

GetGenie Pricing Plans

Unleash the Magic with affordable pricing packages:

🧞‍♂️ Writer: Experience enchanting writing at just $19 per month, with a generous word count of 12,000.

🔮 Pro: Unlock even more extraordinary powers with the Pro plan, priced at $49 per month, and harness a mighty word count of 40,000.

🌟 Agency: Harness the full potential of your content genie with the Agency plan, priced at $99 per month. Enjoy a spellbinding word count of 150,000 words and an exclusive limited-time bonus of 100,000 words.

🔥 Special Offer: Subscribe to any annual plan and save a magical 20%!

All plans come with the following enchantments:

Extra AI writing words

🔍 SEO keyword analysis

🕵️ Competitor SERP analysis

💰 14-day money-back guarantee

🌟 Starter Plan: Experience the Magic firsthand with our free Starter plan. It grants you access to one website, unlimited users, and a monthly allowance of 1,500 AI writing words.

💫 Unlock the full potential of your content and save up to 20% on all annual plans by using the link below. Don’t miss out on this mystical offer!

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the test results of GetGenie AI leave a lasting impression. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, even for those new to content creation. With its remarkable efficiency, users can swiftly generate high-quality website content without breaking a sweat. The reliable features of GetGenie consistently deliver unique and impactful content across various topics and niches.

Overall, GetGenie is a valuable asset for WordPress users, offering a suite of features that perform exceptionally well. Its presence undoubtedly enhances the content creation journey and is a commendable addition to any arsenal of creative tools. To accelerate your business growth Sellero is the best option for entrepreneurs.

Sellero and Sellero Bundle Review: OTO, Price, Bonuses, Pros, and Cons 2023.

sellero review

Say hello to Sellero, the ultimate all-in-one platform that empowers you to go from concept to cash in just 7 minutes without any technical hassles or burdensome monthly fees. In today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape, astute entrepreneurs like you are constantly seeking transformative software solutions. Sellero review will reshape the foundation of how you market and sell your courses, agency services, or any PLR/Resell Right product you acquire.

It is not just your ordinary software; it’s a catalyst for success, designed to accelerate your business growth and maximize your profits. We understand that time is money, which is why we have meticulously crafted Sellero to be user-friendly and efficient, requiring zero technical skills. With our intuitive interface and seamless functionality, you can effortlessly launch your products and start generating revenue in record time.

Sellero Overview

VendorDR. Amit Pareek
Launch Date2023 – Jun- 12,   11:00 EDT
Front-end Price$37 
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Main Sales PageClick Here
Sellero Bundle PageClick Here
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What exactly is Sellero?

Sellero goes above and beyond by providing you with a diverse selection of 20+ ready-to-use unlimited products, ensuring that you have a wide range of options to offer your customers. Whether you specialize in courses, agency services, or resell rights, Sellero has you covered. And with our complimentary commercial license, you have the freedom to sell online and tap into an eager market of desperate local businesses, securing your path to a six-figure business in no time.

Unlike other platforms that bog you down with complex technical jargon, Sellero cuts through the noise and empowers you with simplicity. Leave the headaches behind and embrace the power of Sellero, where your dreams become reality with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to tech hassles, exorbitant fees, and endless delays. With Sellero, success is at your fingertips.

Don’t wait another minute to unlock your true potential in the digital marketplace. Join the Sellero revolution today and witness how this groundbreaking software can transform your business into a thriving, profit-generating machine. It’s time to take control, seize opportunities, and soar to new heights with Sellero.

The Resources- Sellero Bundle and OTO links

Sellero Bundle Deal (Include Both FE and OTOs)

Sellero FE

Sellero OTO 1-Elite

Sellero OTO 2-Enterprise

Sellero OTO 3-Agency

Sellero OTO 4-Premium Membership

Sellero Review

Sellero is a remarkable platform that offers over 100 battle-tested templates designed to create landing pages that convert effectively and load quickly, all of which are optimized for seamless mobile browsing. With Sellero at your disposal, you have the power to effortlessly construct visually stunning websites, e-commerce stores, and exclusive membership sites. 

Moreover, Sellero provides ingenious checkout links that enable you to receive orders directly from social media platforms, emails, and various other sources. As an added bonus, the platform equips you with a commercial license, empowering you to sell highly sought-after services.

Within Sellero, you’ll discover a user-friendly drag-and-drop WYSIWYG page editor, enabling you to customize your pages to your heart’s content without requiring any design or technical expertise. On top of that, the platform provides comprehensive video training, step-by-step and tutorials to guide and assist you every step of the way. Sellero presents a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, and newcomers seeking to venture into the thriving e-commerce industry and establish their online selling business.

Advanced features

  • Experience the power of cutting-Edge Technology 
  • Effortlessly launch Your Product & Service Online
  • Maximize Profit with agency/reseller?PLR products you’ve purchased
  • Create stunning websites, E-stores, and Membership sites with Ease
  • Your Own Marketplace, Your Complete Control, and 100% Profits
  • Streamline Purchasing with Smart-Checkout Links from Anywhere
  • Sell High-Demand Service with the included Commercial License
  • Effortlessly Add Products with Sellero’s Intuitive Interface
  • Choose Your Preferred Payment Gateway with Ease
  • Publish and Reap the Profits 
  • The Ultimate All-in-Online Selling Platform
  • Precise Analytics for Informed decision-making
  • SEO-friendly and socially media Optimized Pages

How does Sellero operate?

Sellero is a comprehensive, multifunctional platform meticulously crafted to facilitate entrepreneurs, marketers, and proprietors of online businesses in effortlessly generating, overseeing, and marketing an assortment of digital goods, courses, services, and even tangible products. 

This remarkable platform seamlessly streamlines the process of launching and capitalizing on either your independently conceived or acquired agency/reseller/PLR (Private Label Rights) offerings, granting you an unparalleled solution devoid of complications.

 Step 1: Incorporate a Product

Incorporate a Product

Leverage the potential of your procured agency/reseller/PLR merchandise, your own innovative creations, or take advantage of the preloaded selection of over 20 ready-made products within Sellero. This pivotal initial step empowers you to swiftly establish and commence the process of marketing your esteemed merchandise.

Step 2: Elect a Payment Gateway

Elect a Payment Gateway

Merge your PayPal or Stripe account seamlessly with Sellero to effortlessly receive payments directly into your designated account. Sellero further extends its compatibility to integrate flawlessly with other esteemed platforms such as JVZoo, ClickBank, and WarriorPlus. This ensures the transaction process remains seamless, and secure, and instills confidence in your valued customers.

Step 3: Publish & Prosper

Publish & Prosper

Following the setup of your product and the adoption of your chosen payment gateway, you will gain access to your intelligent checkout link. This invaluable link enables you to commence accepting orders on your dedicated product pages, social media platforms, and email correspondence. Sellero extends its support by furnishing you with a professional website and intelligent checkout alternatives, enhancing your overall selling journey and augmenting your chances of success.


  • It is an intuitive interface that allows effortless usage, enabling you to swiftly launch your products with utmost convenience and efficiency.
  • This groundbreaking software offers an extensive array of features tailored to enhance your online selling capabilities. From robust marketing tools to customizable product listings, Sellero equips you with the necessary tools to captivate your target audience and maximize your sales potential.
  • Gain a competitive edge with Sellero’s comprehensive library of ready-to-use products., you can effortlessly expand your offerings and cater to a broader customer base. Additionally, the inclusion of a free commercial license empowers you to start selling online immediately, amplifying your revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Sellero seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways and platforms, ensuring a streamlined transaction process for your customers. This compatibility eliminates any friction during the purchasing journey, enhancing user satisfaction and boosting your sales conversion rates.
  • Unlike many competing platforms, Sellero liberates you from the burden of monthly fees or commissions. This financial freedom enables you to optimize your profit margins and reinvest your earnings into growing your business.
  • Sellero’s dedication to customer satisfaction shines through its robust customer support system and step-by-step training resources. Should you encounter any challenges or require guidance, their knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and rewarding user experience.


  • Sellero does not provide a free trial period, limiting potential users from experiencing the software’s capabilities firsthand before committing to a purchase. This may deter some individuals who prefer to explore and evaluate a product before making a financial commitment.
  • While optional, some of Sellero’s highly beneficial upsells necessitate an additional fee to unlock their full potential. While these upsells can significantly enhance your selling capabilities, the extra cost may be a consideration for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

 Why Sellero Reigns Supreme for You and Your Business?

Sellero Reigns Supreme

 Compatibility: Sellero boasts impeccable compatibility with a diverse range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Furthermore, this exceptional platform ensures a flawless user experience across a plethora of mobile devices, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to mobile compatibility.

Comprehensive All-in-One Hub: Sellero offers a holistic solution, encompassing a multitude of essential features within a single platform. This all-encompassing hub provides you with a wealth of offerings, including ready-to-use products, membership site facilitation, website and marketplace creation, intelligent checkout functionality, meticulous analytics, and search engine-friendly pages.

Licensing Flexibility: After completing your purchase, you will be bestowed with a complimentary commercial license, granting you unparalleled flexibility. This coveted license empowers you to utilize the software for your own business ventures and extends the privilege of setting up stores for your esteemed clients.

Usage Rights:  Sellero not only grants users the freedom to sell their products but also presents an exclusive marketplace where they can showcase their offerings. The remarkable aspect is that users can retain 100% of the profits, devoid of any commission or fees that may hinder their financial success.

Quick and Easy Launch: Launch your service or product for recurring profit in just a few minutes by following 3easy steps drop a product, select a payment gateway, and publish.

GDPR and can- Spam Compliant: Prioritize adherence to data protection regulations while fostering unwavering trust among your valued customers.

Maximum security:  Reap the rewards of robust 128-bit secure SSL encryption, rendering the necessity for domain acquisition, hosting services, or intricate installations obsolete. Moreover, as a cloud-based solution, Sellero eradicates the need for installations, domains, and hosting, simplifying your online presence management.

24/5 Customer support: Avail steadfast customer support whenever you require assistance, ensuring a dependable and reliable experience.


Free upgrades: Indulge in complimentary upgrades, encompassing a diverse selection of over 20 ready-to-use products, while also gaining access to a valuable commercial license, empowering you to cater to your esteemed clientele.

Seller Bundle Guide

When it comes to acquiring Sellero upsells, you have a duo of options at your disposal. Upon purchasing the front-end offer, you can opt for individually purchasing Sellero OTOs or seize the opportunity to maximize savings by selecting the all-inclusive Sellero bundle deal. The Sellero bundle, available as an exclusive one-time offer, encompasses the front-end offer along with all the Sellero upsells, delivering exceptional value at a price of $297. For WordPress assistant, GenGenie will help you read its review on our website.

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